Herding: Start as a Pup

venues6 herdingpup1

Perhaps it starts here, as a pup. Sometimes opportunities are presented that are safe, fun and simply fact gathering. At this point you are simply seeing where the pup is coming from on non-threatening stock. Ducks are great fun at this young age under supervision and nothing really asked for. This is not training… it’s just information. It can happen on ducks or it can happen on sheep.

herdingpup2 herdingpup4

Beardies have the capacity to work in many different situations. First and foremost they can be excellent chore, working, farm dogs. Any dog with “work” in its heritage loves to have a job to do. This is very true of Bearded Collies. The playful spark that all Beardies seem to carry turns to smart intelligent work ethics when they perceive a task oriented goal. The Bearded Collie is quite capable of working different types of stock, cows, ducks, sheep; it’s all a job.

Ch. Buckram’s Song In My Heart, HT, HS,HI (aka Beau),
Joan Reid, Canada