Herding: Farm Work

Farm work is farm work, good work is good work… be it in the PNW, the United States or, as in the following picture, Sweden.

Beardies: Tom (Boomtown Introduction on left and is about 9 years old) and Grimm (Boomtown Blizzard on the right and is about 2 years old.)

Here is Carl Borgstrom with his two Beardies moving his small flock to his work pasture. Calm cool and collected. Carl has worked hard and has implemented a wonderful herding program in Sweden for Beardies. Good work is good work no matter where it happens in the field, at the farm, on the road or in the trial arena.

It takes time, patience, and miles under the belt to achieve the above scenario. Getting a good coach and having a venue to practice at becomes very important.