Agility: Frame and Walk Obstacles


The regulations of different organizations specify rules and dimensions for the construction of obstacles. However, the basic form of most obstacles is the same wherever they are used. Obstacles include the following:


A-Frame: Two broad ramps, usually about 3 feet wide by 9 feet long, hinged together and raised so that the hinged connection is between five and six-and-a-quarter feet above the ground (depending on the organization), roughly forming an A shape. The bottom 36 to 42 inches, (depending on the organization) both sides of the A-frame are painted a bright color, usually yellow, forming the “contact zone”, onto which the dog must place at least one paw while ascending and descending. Most sanctioning organizations require that A-frames have low profile, narrow, horizontal slats all along their length to assist the dog’s grip going up and down.



Dog Walk: Three 12 ft planks, 12 inches wide, connected at the ends. The center plank is raised to about 4 feet above the ground, so that the two end planks form ramps leading up to and down from the center plank. This obstacle also has contact zones.