Agility: Chute and Jump Obstacles

Chute (or collapsed tunnel ) : A barrel-like cylinder with a tube of fabric attached around one end. The fabric extends about 8 to 12 feet and lies closed until the dog runs into the open end of the chute and pushes his way out through the fabric tube.

AgilityFig13 AgilityFig14

Jump : Two uprights supporting horizontal bars over which the dog jumps. The height of the bars is adjusted for dogs of different heights. The uprights can be simple stanchions or can have wings of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

AgilityFig15 AgilityFig16

Double and Triple Jump (or Spread Jumps): Two uprights supporting two or three horizontal bars spread forward or back from each other. The double has parallel horizontal bars; the triple always has ascending bars. The spread between the horizontal bars is sometimes adjusted based on the height of the dog.

AgilityFig17 AgilityFig18

AgilityFig19Panel jump: Instead of horizontal bars, the jump is a solid panel from the ground up to the jump height, constructed of several short panels that can be removed to adjust the height for different dog heights.


Broad Jump (or Long Jump) : A set of four or five slightly raised platforms that form a broad area over which the dog must jump without setting their feet on any of the platforms. The length of the jump is adjusted for the dog’s height.




Tire Jump : A circular shape like a tire, suspended in a frame. The dog must jump through the opening of the “tire”. The tire is usually wrapped with tape so that there are no openings or uneven places in which the dog could catch. The height is adjusted for dogs of different sizes.